Wood floor staining

Wood floor staining

After all the time and money spent sanding and preparing a wood floor ready for staining it is important to get the next step right. Before staining commences, it is critical to ensure that the right preparation process is adopted. In fact, staining can be the most important step of finishing or refinishing a wood floor.

The complexity of staining a wood floor varies according to the color of the wood.. Any darker wood stains will reveal more of the sanding imperfections than you will get with a lighter wood. To prevent this occurring, additional sanding and preparation of the floor will probably be  required.

One of the most important steps, when finishing a wood floor, is popping the wood grains by washing the exposed wood with water. Prepping the floor with an even wash will result in an even stain application and a better quality finish. The water washing will remove most of the wood sanding imperfections.

Once the floor has been prepped, the stain can be applied. If staining by hand then a pad or a floor buffer should be used. It is important that the stain is applied evenly and any excess wiped off. It is also important to make sure that the first coat is done in one go. Stopping half way through and then re-starting could lead to an uneven finish. This also applies to the second or subsequent coats. Once the first coat has been applied it can be difficult to tell where staining has stopped, to be re-started.
Staining wood floors should take place in a well-ventilated room. Ensure that there is plenty of ventilation to prevent a build-up of odors and that the air can circulate to allow the floor to properly dry. Adequate time needs to be left for each coat to dry and furniture should not be replaced until the floor is completely dry. If this is an area where heavy footfall occurs, it is wise to close off the area completely to avoid any damage to the re-finished floor.

If this job is completed correctly, and to a high standard, the finished floor will look great and will last for a few years.


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