Hardwood floor refinishing

Wood sanding

Over time, wood floors can experience a buildup of oil, dirt and grime which can lead to a greying of the wood and an overall tired and worn appearance. When this happens, it is important to re-finish the floor which will restore it to its former glory. The process of sanding a wooden floor involves cleaning, sanding and staining. For most floors, that see constant footfall and wear and tear, this process need to be carried out every two to three years. For less used floors it can be longer. Read more

Wood staining

After all the time and money spent sanding and preparing a wood floor ready for staining it is important to get the next step right. Before staining commences, it is critical to ensure that the right preparation process is adopted. In fact, staining can be the most important step of finishing or refinishing a wood floor. Read more

Wood coating

After the stain is dry the floor has to be covered with the desired finish. The customer has the option of choosing between a water base, oil base or acid cured finish. When applying a water base finish the stain has to be completely dry and the compatibility between the stain and the finish needs to be checked. The water base finish has the advantage of a low odor finish and it is recommended in households with children and expecting mothers where the other finishes can result in health issues. Read more


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