Wood floor coating

Wood floor coating

After the stain is dry the floor has to be covered with the desired finish. The customer has the option of choosing between a water base, oil base or acid cured finish. When applying a water base finish the stain has to be completely dry and the compatibility between the stain and the finish needs to be checked. The water base finish has the advantage of a low odor finish and it is recommended in households with children and expecting mothers where the other finishes can result in health issues. Also, a natural finish sealer may be applied before the water base finish. Buffing between the coats and a minimum of 3 coats of water base is recommended for a quality result. The oil base polyurethane and the acid cured finishes are recommended in high traffic areas especially in kitchen areas where spills can actually stain and damage the water base finish. At least 2 coats are necessary for a quality result. The strong odor will require a little more attention in preparing the floor for the application process. If working in apartment building the odor should be concealed in the apartment and proper ventilation should be used to stop the odor from getting into the building hallway and into the neighboring apartments. Notifying the neighbors is always recommended a few days before the application.


Recoating the floor is recommended when superficial scratches are present for maintenance purposes. The flooring professional will buff the floor with a fine grit sanding screen to remove the fine scratches and to prepare the surface for the new coat of finish. When recoating a floor two important things have to be determined: the type of wood cleaner used by the home owner and what type of finish was applied last time and how long ago. If determined that oily products like Murphy’s oil was used, then the floor has to be treated and cleaned before buffing, otherwise the new finish will not adhere to the surface and it will peel off in a matter of 1 year or less. The type of finish is important only if the floor was coated less than two years ago. If less than 2 years have passed from the last application, then the same product must be used, otherwise a reaction between the new coat and the existing coat will damage the floor finish.


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