Repairing your hardwood floor

Repairing your hardwood floor

A hardwood floor is an investment for your home. Not only does it add a touch of class and quality, it is also much more durable than the alternatives. When you invest in a hardwood floor it is built to last.

Unfortunately, from time to time, as with anything, the floor may sustain some form of damage. Whether it’s fire or water damage or some damage caused by something very heavy being dropped, we take a look at the process of repair and what will be required to restore it to its original condition.

Reasons for repair

If you take good care of a hardwood floor it should last a very long time. As the floor starts to sustain signs of wear and tear you can simply get the professionals in to refinish it. This works fine if the floor has a build-up of dirt and grime or if there are scuffs and scratches. When the damage goes beyond that though you will need to have the floor repaired. This may include:

Fire damage

If there is a fire at the property then it is likely that the floor will sustain some damage. Wood, after all, will burn quickly. If the floor has managed to escape the brunt of the fire you may be lucky enough to just have to replace a few boards. You will need to have the damage assessed to see how fare the damage extends. For soot damage, there is a cleaning process for hardwood although unfinished wood tends to be harder to clean.

Water damage

Water damage can be caused by a one-off flood, a gradual but persistent leak or condensation coming up from underneath the floor. If the wood gets wet, it will buckle and warp and cause all sorts of damage underneath and to the area around it. The floor will need to be removed to assess the damage before the repairs are carried out. If you are lucky it may just be a case of patching one or two boards.

Cracks to the boards

Over time the boards can start to naturally split and crack. Alternatively, someone may drop something heavy which cracks a board. Once this happens the crack can be repaired by using angled nails and putty to hide the marks. If the cracks are larger then it may be time to consider a new board.

Gaps in the boards

As wood dries out over time, it will naturally shrink. Once it gets wet and humid it will naturally expand. Before you start to panic and call in the repair specialists it is worth waiting to see the changes that occur as the weather changes. These gaps may be seasonal and once the wood expands again the gaps may disappear. If the gaps don’t disappear and are visibly noticeable then you may need to call in a specialist to have the floor tightened up.


Scratches are definitely an annoying problem to have. They aren’t big enough to call in the repair team but they are enough to bother you. There are some simple tricks to deal with scratches to wooden floors. The simplest method is to use a wax crayon! You can also get touch up kits. If the scratch is right in the middle of the floor, flashing at you like a beacon you may want to call in someone to repair that board.

Sagging floors

Sagging floors, or warped floors are a sign of something more serious. It is usually an indication of water damage. If your floor is warped then you need to call in an expert straight away as its highly likely that you have a moisture problem that needs to be addressed.

In all cases, if you are unsure as to the course of action that you need to take then it is important that you consult with the experts. Call in a specialist that can advise of you of the best course of action. A hardwood floor is an expensive investment and you don’t want to let just anyone try and repair it. A professional will be able to use their experience and knowledge to provide the best solution. It may be something simple like matching and replacing one board, you may need to have your floor re-tightened, you could just need a simple crack repaired. Whatever the scenario, an expert will be able to help. 


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